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This means utilizing the appropriate equipment and materials, and dispatching dedicated crews that are trained and experienced. For these clients, which often include corporate properties and hospitals/healthcare facilities, we provide zero-tolerance snow and ice removal.

We want these clients to see their pavement all year. That means pre-treating before winter storms and using our innovative ice-melting products to maximize the results of snow removal. Whether the weather calls for snow, hail or below freezing temperatures where ice is a risk (and dangerous slip-and-fall accidents), these property owners know they’re covered with this full-service contract, which is a 2- to 3-year agreement.

This is the most robust contract. We create a storm management plan that’s customized for the property, and we’re on call around the clock to ensure the safety of the site. 

 Zero Tolerance Snow & Ice Control, What is it? 

For properties that are high-risk and heavily traveled, there’s no room for error with snow and ice management. They need clear parking lots and walkways all winter, no matter the conditions. They require response before, during and after a storm.